Man with the Magic Hands

I always thought the best sex I would ever have would be in my 20’s or with my true love. But no, it was when I was in my mid-30’s with someone I hardly knew. In fact, when I tried to get to know him I realized we had nothing in common, he was a chauvinist and I didn’t really like who he was. However a few times a years I kept coming back for more because with him I had experienced the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. It was a life-changing moment like the sky had parted and heaven shined down on me with a white light of ecstasy that left me speechless. I experienced a squirting orgasm for the first time in my life. It wasn’t accidental or slight. He put his finger on the g-stop and like turning a key touched it up and down for a little while causing an intense squirting orgasm. He did it three times in my first encounter with him. Sitting on the couch, laying down on the bed, standing in the hall. It didn’t matter the position, this man was a g-spot expert. My experience is that 90% of men can’t even find it, let alone know what to do with it. It almost ruined sex for me because, after that experience, all I wanted to do is get fingered.

First of all, I was blown away that I was discovering new things about my sexuality at my age. Given my curiosity and studious nature, I thought I must do research to understand more about this blissful experience. So I googled squirting orgasm and watched a lot of porn. I had actually never watched porn before and thought it was very informative. I wondered why girls seemed to look down on porn. They seemed like good how-to videos in my opinion. I found a very good instructional video on how to make a girl squirt and saved it. I’d date and when it was time to starting sleeping together, I’d talk to the guy about trying it. I tried different approaches. Sometimes after sex, I’d say 'that was great and all but can we try this' showing them the video. Some guys were completely freaked out by it. I searched far and wide and was unable to replace the man with the magic hands. I got so frustrated that I almost wanted to send the video before even starting to date a guy  asking 'can you do this?' But I knew that would be fucked up. I fantasized about posting an ad 'Girl searching for man that can give squirting orgasm'.

I talked to my girlfriends about my dilemma and none of them had ever experienced the intense orgasm. The world would truly be a better place if every woman had a man to make them squirt on a regular basis. I thought this must be why men love sex so much and go above and before for it. I’m not saying love and intimacy aren’t great too. It feels nice being close to someone and I have had orgasms during sex or have had an accidental little squirt here or there, but that isn’t what I’m referring to here. I’m talking about an intense orgasm that makes you scream and shake causing a euphoric head rush. I'm left dreaming of the man with the magic hands like a junkie craving a drug. The g-spot master can dominate even the most independent feminist. She will come rushing to him and will do anything he wants if he will turn the key to the gateway of heaven.

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