Blue Line Beat and South LA Adventures

Sound: Kendrick Lamar

Smell: Mixture of the homeless, urine and weed

Sight: Working class neighborhoods with barred windows, the homeless, projects,

suited professionals, working class people old and young of every background

Blue Line Projects

All sorts of housing can be seen from the Blue Line, but the public housing projects are what caught my eye with their uniform cream color, barred windows, unkempt grass, rundown playgrounds, and numbers labeling each building like an internment camp. No judgement passed my mind; however, my curious nature as always enticed me to learn more about what I had seen and my surroundings so I did some research on public housing off of the Blue Line. According to the Public Housing Authority, the average family annual income in public housing is $20,416 and the average monthly rent is $456. People in public housing can not put more than 30% of their income towards housing which is mostly paid by people’s wages rather than government assistance. However, many people in LA spend 50% of their income on housing. Its not easy to get public housing and about 40,000 are on the waiting list.

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