On our first date we had lunch at a beautiful outdoor Mexican cafe at a historic Spanish hotel in the center of the little town. I feel at peace listening to the water trickle in the center round marble fountain looking at the colorful flowers in large pots scattered around the tiled patio. Sun peeks through the ivy hanging from the wood planks above. I take my sweater off thinking, 'wow, its one of those perfect California days where its not too hot or cold. I can't even feel the temperature of the air on my skin.' He's a PHD student at the nearby university. He grew up in Mozambique in humble circumstances and now finds himself finishing a PHD at an elite American university specializing in the plants. He's a horticulturalist. We have lunch and answer the standard questions one discusses on a first date. He's cute with short dreadlocks randomly sprouting out each direction. He's fit, slightly nerdy but seems physically perfect in every way - just my type.

After lunch, he says, "Do you want to see my plants?" "Sure," I say. We go to the university and wonder through the unlit greenhouses at dusk. He shows me his plants growing as if they are children he has been carefully raising with gentle kindness. While he's talking about cross-breeding two plants, I feel a tingle throughout my body. I'm turned on by his science mind. A wave of sexual energy flows from my body to his and he looks up stopping mid-sentence. He must have felt it because he grabbed my waist and kissed me passionately - our tongues sensually caressing, our hands all over each other. I pull away and smiling looking into his warm brown eyes.

"Do you want to see my office, " he says. "Ok," I say. We step inside the small one room office near the greenhouse and he shows me the plant diagrams on the desk and his research papers. He puts on music and we dance slowly grinding together. He wraps his arms around me and holds me with my back to him. I feel him poking me. He kisses my neck. Pulls down both our pants and presses my chest against the desk. He grabs my ass as he enters. Then mind-blowing sex while thoughts of 'wow, this feels good' to 'wow, I can't believe this is happening.' We hear a door close in the greenroom and someone calls through the door, "Paul, is that you?" I hide under the desk pulling up my pants and he sits at the desk trying to zip up his pants with a massive hard-on. "Yes, just finishing up some work." "Okay, I'm heading out." "Okay" We wait until he leaves and giggle like teenagers while sneaking out the back exit.

Hanging out with my girlfriend a few days later, she laughs as I tell her the story. "Girl, you crazy," she says. "Guys with PHDs are super hot," I say. "You mean with Pretty Huge Dicks," she jokes. We bust out laughing. "No, you know what I mean. A doctorate is sexy as hell. I think I'm a sapiosexual. I know it sounds arrogant but it takes a very intelligent person to really understand how intelligent another person is. Only a genius can see the level of genius in a fellow genius. I'm not a genesis but I'm highly intellectual and I'm always reading, writing and continuing my education to feed my brain which is always eager for more knowledge. I like lots of people that aren't intellectual but when I find someone that I can connect with on an intellectual level, it can make the sex amazing. Its not the same as having sex with someone that has no idea how smart you truly are."

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