The Werewolf

He lays back sweat dripping down his chest. He inhales deeply, his eyes roll back into his head as he mutters under his breath, "You make the werewolf come out in me. That was amazing." I lovingly hold him and kiss him thinking "oh, is that what that is called." He gently holds me all night like a cocoon wrapped around a precious larva. I feel his loving energy all night long and he falls asleep with his arms wrapped around me.

We hadn't seen each other for a while and he kissed and hugged me at first sight. He threw me on the bed and ripped my clothes off. He jumps on me and bites my neck as he pushes into me. He flips me over on my stomach and he lays on top of me slapping me ass, pulling my hair as he digs his nails into my back. I whisper, "Its a slap, pull and scratch type of night..." He growls in an unrecognizable voice, "I do whatever I want." I submit to him completely, but I know I have all the power. I know his weakness, his sensitivity. I find the perfect rhythm and squeeze him just right ending it when I choose. His entire body uncontrollably shakes as he intensely orgasms.

I learned everything I needed to know about how to truly seduce a man while working as a high-end executive assistant at a global investment firm. High emotional intelligence is a must as I learned to anticipate every need of my millionaire executives. I became a master of body language, settle comments, facial expressions, asking the right questions at the right time. A good assistant is always two steps ahead.

When I first get to know someone, I give them my undivided attention and make mental notes of all the minute details. Touch him just a little for the first time at the right moment. I find a little skin somewhere and gently touch it with my finger tips. I feel surge of energy from him excited by my unexpected touch like a tickling spark of electric energy. Maybe next time we go dancing and I turn around and dance close to him... feeling him in between my cheeks moving back and forth. Dick to booty contact is my favorite way to say hello sometimes. His mind is flooded with thoughts of the moving juicy full booty. Next date we talk more and he realizes this girl is smart and has a beautiful mind too. We kiss passionately and he feels like he can't wait any longer. He reaches for it and feels the wetness and begs for it. I hug him kissing his neck and whisper in his ear, "maybe next time."

Next time I go to his house after dark. I sit on his couch smoking a joint sipping a cocktail mentally preparing myself for the little game of cat and mouse to come. He looks at me with thirst in his eyes, "You look beautiful tonight." He lays on top of me hugging me giving me his love energy. I very slightly touch the back of his neck with my figure tips. I feel the tension leave his body and he relaxes his weight on me. I lightly caress his back, arms, and dreadlocks. "You smell good, feel good," he gasps. The anticipation and sexual tension grows until he can't handle it any longer. He picks me up and throws me on the bed overcome with a primordial intense aggression. He uncontrollably devours me like a werewolf. He puts his hands around my neck to pull himself in as deep as possible. I sequel from the impaling which makes him even hungrier. He hunts me like prey and I give into him until he is satisfied. I'm in the zone, time slows down, every touch feel intense and sexual energy radiates from my hands into his body. I anticipate every move, every signal, and pull him into my warm welcoming embrace of love and affection. He's bewildered that although we are strangers, the moment feels strangely intimate. He gives in and accepts the emotional connection and groans as he comes inside me. He looks at me like he just had the best sex of his life, "wow, I came way harder than normal."

It doesn't matter the type of guy, metro-sexual, masculine, every type of professional; the werewolf usually comes out. Many confess, "I don't know what happened. I'm not usually so aggressive" or he'll say, "I have never strangled a girl before. I just wanted to rip you to shreds in the moment." One must assess a man's desires and current state of mind, and then build up the right moment. Anticipation is the key to the intense peek. I'm not afraid of the werewolf. Sometimes our animal self is the most real part of who we are.

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